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HTML Basic – Post 1 – A page on the Internet

Well, we all know what a Web site, is that site you type the address and access by your computer or mobile phone. Okay, but how does it all work?

I will explain here in a very simplified form where is this site you visit and how it will gets to your computer. See the steps order.

1 – The site code is created, any developer using a text editor, or tools for creating codes writes all lines of command that will create the body and the site layout. This developer puts this file with all lines of code within a folder with all images, videos or audios that will be used on the site.

2 – This folder with all the information and files are placed on a server. This server can be anywhere in the world, being accessed via the Internet. To give you access to the site which is deposited on this server, you also need access to the Internet. You will also need the address of the site as an example: “”.

3 – To access this site on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, open the browser, for example: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. Enter the address of the site. After that, on your screen will appear the site that is deposited in server somewhere in the world.

Many people think of the Internet as a “cloud of information”, in a very abstract way we can say that the information is correct, but for our series of instructions on HTML, it is important you understand that the information is not flying around, in fact they are stored somewhere, and are accessed through logical methods and following well-defined procedures.

In future posts we will deal with the development of pages for Internet, or site, as you prefer to call. Always simple way, divided into simple topics.

I await you in the next post. See you then!

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